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Category Master Module Help for MIVA Merchant v5

Module Requirements and Notes

Module installation and functionality has the following requirements:

  • MIVA Merchant Version 5.0
  • MIVA Engine Version 5.03 or newer. Contact us for module versions that support older MIVA Engines.
  • Settings and control this module provides are used in conjuction with Item "ads_catmaster ", CTGY Page template and Category Product List Layout template that are pre-installed and configured with this module. These settings will override the Merchant default settings.
  • Original templates and/or Merchant "Original" templates will not be modified by this module and can be restored, using the new Version history features, at any time.
  • Adjustments to the CTGY Page and/or Category Product List Layout templates may be necessary if your original templates have been modified to achive the look and feel you wanted or to tweak the module provided look and feel configuration.
  • No template editing is required, but is available for advanced users. HTML and template scripting knowledge is required to make template modifications. If you do not have these skills it is recommended you contact ADS representative to get assistance with template design and customization.

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