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Continue Shopping Module Help for MIVA Merchant v5

Module Descriptions and Features

Give your customers better control of the basket contents page and improve their shopping experience. This module provides a smart "continue shopping", "empty basket" and "checkout" buttons. Continue shopping button will automatically return the shopper to the last visited product, category, search or product list display screens. All display options are configurable using the menu-driven admin interface and modified basket contents page template, which is automatically installed and configured with this module. Menu driven module configuration allows you to customize your buttons and control which of the merchant pages the customer can return to. This gives you full control over the look and feel of your this new functionality.

The ADS Continue Shopping Module Features:

This module will monitor where the customer came from, prior to visiting the basket page. Then return the customer to that page, even if the customer was on page "X" of the Category, Search or Product List pages. The page tracking is configured using the menu driven selection of "PROD, CTGY, PLST and SRCH" pages. The Empty Basket and Checkout buttons will not display if the basket is empty.

  • Simple Module Installation and Configuration
    • Automatic installation and assignment of BASK page required item.
    • Automatic modification of currently used BASK page template. Previous template versions will be available through version history.
    • Menu-driven control of new features. No template editing required, but is available for advanced users.
  • Menu Driven Control of module features
    • Select Text or Image buttons for Continue Shopping, Empty Basket and Checkout buttons
    • Upload new Image buttons using the interface. No FTP access required.
    • Select which of the Merchant pages Continue Shopping button will return the shopper to.
    • Additional layout modifications can be made using BASK Page template that is pre-installed with this module

Module installation and functionality has the following requirements:

  • MIVA Merchant Version 5.0
  • Settings and control this module provides are used in conjunction with BASK Page template that is pre-installed with this module.

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