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Attribute Master Module Help for MIVA Merchant v5

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Question: After installing the module it worked fine, but after some modifications to the PROD page template, it reverted back to the Miva default product attribute display. Everything else works but the module settings no longer function.

Answer: This can happen if Product Display Layout is in point and click mode, even though our template is selected in the version history. Here is a quick solution:

  1. Expand your store link
  2. Click on Pages under your store
  3. Select PROD page to edit
  4. Click on the Product Display Layout tab at the top
  5. Select ADS modified Attribute Master Original template in the version history box and click restore.
  6. Click on the Advanced mode under the version history
  7. Click update at the bottom of the page
  8. You may want to name this template in the notes field to make it easy to identify

Doing this should prevent the template from being reset in the future. Just make sure you do not switch back to point and click mode.


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